Webinar: Risk Management with Microsoft Project and Project Server

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Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):

This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical Category of the Talent Triangle.

Event Description:

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server are comprehensive software systems that help users execute different project management processes. One of these processes is risk management, which is s considered one of the fundamental knowledge areas by Project Management Institute. This webinar will present the fundamental concepts of qualitative and quantitative project risk analysis and risk management. The webinar will also demonstrate how to use Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server together with third-party tools to perform risk analysis and risk management.

Webinar outline:

•Project risk management: what we are trying to achieve and how to do it
•Introduction to qualitative risk analysis and risk management
•Quantitative risk analysis – Monte Carlo simulation of project schedule and cost
•How to use Microsoft Project and third party tools for project risk analysis
•Project risk management with Microsoft Project server

Webinar includes demonstration of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, as well as third party tools such as: Palisade’s @Risk for Projects, Barbecana Full Monte Carlo, Intaver’s RiskyProject. The webinar is strictly non-commercial and does not include any promotions or comparison of the third party tools.

Learning Objectives:

Explain the basic concept behind project risk management and qualitative and quantitative risk analysis:
•Inputs for project risk analysis
•Monte Carlo simulations
•and analysis of results of quantitative analysis.

The attendees will also learn how to use Microsoft Project Server project risk management capabilities as well as an overview of third party Microsoft Project risk managment and analysis and the advantages of each tool for the different project management workflows.

About the Presenter:

Michael Trumper

Michael has worked with Intaver Institute Inc. since 2004 and is currently the business development manager and partner. As part of his work with Intaver, he has coauthored Project Decisions: the art and science (published in 2007 and currently in The Project Management Institute (PMI)® bookstore) and authored papers on quantitative methods in project estimations and risk analysis. Michael has consulted in the development and delivery of project risk analysis and management software, consulting, and training solutions to clientele that includes NASA, Boeing, Dynatec, Chamberlain Group, Proctor and Gamble, L-3com and others. Over 20 years of experience in technical communications, instructional and software design, and training project risk and economics software and theory. Michael is currently working on a new book as well as overseeing the design and development of project risk management system.

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