Microsoft Project Management Certification: How to Get Started

Microsoft Project is a comprehensive project management software that helps organizations plan, track, and manage projects effectively. With its range of features and tools, Microsoft Project makes it easy for project managers to coordinate resources, schedule tasks, and monitor progress.

One of the key features of Microsoft Project is its ability to create a detailed project schedule. This schedule can include tasks, milestones, and dependencies, as well as assign resources and track progress. Project managers can also use Microsoft Project to set up alerts and notifications, so they can stay informed of any changes or updates to the project.

History of Microsoft Project

The history of Microsoft Project dates back to the 1980s, when the first version of the software was developed by a company called Forethought. At the time, project management software was still a relatively new concept, and Forethought saw an opportunity to create a tool that would help organizations plan and track their projects more effectively.

In 1987, Forethought released the first version of Microsoft Project, which was initially available only for the Macintosh operating system. The software quickly gained popularity, and in 1990, Microsoft acquired Forethought and released a version of Microsoft Project for the Windows operating system.

Over the years, Microsoft has continued to develop and improve Microsoft Project, adding new features and tools to help organizations manage their projects more efficiently. In the 1990s, Microsoft Project added support for the World Wide Web, making it easier for project managers to share updates and collaborate with team members.

In the 2000s, Microsoft Project continued to evolve, adding features such as the ability to track costs and resources, create custom reports, and integrate with other Microsoft products. Today, Microsoft Project is a comprehensive project management software that is used by organizations around the world to plan, track, and manage their projects.

Microsoft Project Certification Exam

The Microsoft Project certification exam was a professional credential that demonstrated an individual’s expertise in using the Microsoft Project software. This certification was designed for project managers, project coordinators, and other professionals who used Microsoft Project to plan, track, and manage projects.

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