How to Avoid Data Loss in Microsoft Project for the Web

The thought of losing mission-critical data in Microsoft Project for the Web can keep any project manager up at night. But this should not be the case. As a project, program, or portfolio manager, you handle sensitive client information and business data. A single wrong click can wipe out everything. To avoid data loss, you need an efficient data protection solution for Microsoft Project for the Web.

Why are organizations still struggling with data loss?

Project management is one of the most data-intensive professions. Managing hundreds of projects at once increases the risk of data loss. Microsoft backup feature isn’t flexible. If a piece of data is lost, it recovers all data, not just that piece. This means all updates made after the backup will be lost. Yet, Microsoft Project for the Web doesn’t offer data protection. Working on projects without flexible and reliable protection solutions can expose you to several risks.

  • You can lose sensitive data due to human errors or system crashes.
  • You cannot restore lost data without a solution for storing backup files.
  • Damages can lead to lengthy downtimes, delays, and missed deadlines.
  • If you lose a client’s information, they can sue you for negligence or financial harm.
  • Disruptions due to data loss can reduce productivity and undercut your competitive edge.

Working in Microsoft Project for the Web without a cloud backup solution can have irreversible consequences. Yet, data protection is your responsibility. To avoid these challenges, you need the best solution for Microsoft backup.

Data loss is avoidable

Project, program, and portfolio managers should protect and advance their organization’s interests. Data loss can delay project delivery and undercut your company’s competitive edge. So, losing mission-critical data without data protection software is devastating. To guarantee data security, you need a robust solution.

How to protect data in Microsoft Project for the Web

FluentPro Backup is a cloud backup solution that protects data in Microsoft Project for the Web. It can help you implement an efficient backup strategy and eliminate human errors. This solution allows PMO directors and PPM administrators to:

  • Create continuous project backups.
  • Recover and restore lost, damaged, or corrupted data from a backup copy.
  • Back up your projects, tasks, resources, and groups.
  • Recover the point-in-time version of the project.

It is a fully automated backup and restore solution for project, program, and portfolio managers. No more worries about data loss in Microsoft Project for the Web. Erroneous deletions, server failures, and corrupted files can be prevented. Your organization doesn’t have to experience productivity declines or financial losses. Use FluentPro Backup to backup and restore project data quickly and easily.

Data loss is costly

The last thing you need as a project, program, or portfolio manager is more project management challenges. Working on projects without an efficient backup strategy increases risk. Losing mission-critical data will put you in an awkward position with the stakeholders. You’ll also have to deal with the consequences, including delays and missed deadlines. Data loss is costly. But you can avoid it using protection software.

This article was originally posted on the Fluent Pro website.

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