Microsoft Project Certification Course: Master Project Management

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Who is this course for

This Microsoft Project Course is designed for individuals who want to learn best practices for creating and managing a new project schedule using Ms Project. The course covers creating tasks, task dependencies, maintaining the schedule, and analyzing the schedule. The course also teaches how to effectively report on the project to the team and management.

Whether you are an advanced Microsoft Project user or brand new to Project, this course covers all of the Microsoft Project fundamentals and more!

What you will learn to master

Module 1: Planning (Core)

In Module 1: Planning, you will learn the best practices for initiating a new project schedule with Microsoft Project. You will learn how to create a new project schedule and plan your project.

Module 2: Creation (Core)

In this module, you will learn about the essentials of proactive scheduling with MS Project. You will be able to inactivate tasks and insert a repeatable block of tasks. You will also learn about task dependencies and how to use constraints.

Module 3: Maintenance (Core)

This Module provides a comprehensive overview on the principles of Proactive Scheduling as well as a practical approach to deploying these principles in Microsoft Project and Project Server.

Module 4: Analysis (Core)

In this module, you will learn how to:
Review and approve task updates.
Update milestones and project financials.
Reschedule incomplete work in the past.
Identify variances and take corrective action.
Maintain the baseline for scope changes.
Prepare the project timeline.
Update SharePoint project status.
Access reports in the Business Intelligence Center.

Module 5: Reporting (Core)

In Module 5, you will learn how to create custom fields in Microsoft Project, groupings, and interactive filters. You will also learn how to report your way using various reporting options. With this knowledge, you will be able to tailor Microsoft Project to meet your specific needs and get the most out of the software.

Module 6: Customization (Core)

In Module 6 you will learn wide variety of customizations to automate Microsoft Project for users who have no prior programming knowledge. Users will explore how to create views and tables, as well as how to optimize dashboards in order to better communicate with senior stakeholders.

Start Learning

Module 1: Planning (Core) –

Module 2: Creation (Core)

Module 3: Maintenance (Core)

Module 4: Analysis (Core)

Module 5: Reporting (Core)

Module 6: Customization (Core) – 5 hours of lesson

Optional Module – Tips and Tricks

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